Forest City pledges to sustainable building practices

未分類Forest City pledges to sustainable building practices

Forest City pledges to sustainable building practices

KUALA LUMPUR: Country Garden’s Forest City in Johor is a vast new coastal development that has pledged to implement sustainable building practices throughout the entire project.

Embracing environmental management principles, Forest City has set a new benchmark in urban planning and infrastructure to protect the surrounding ecosystems while creating a thriving, modern metropolis.

In Forest City, considerations for sustainable development are being integrated into every aspect of new urban design and infrastructure planning, according to a statement.

The buildings incorporate energy-saving features such as water recycling systems, renewable energy sources and advanced water conservation systems, ensuring responsible water usage and minimising waste.

ts eco-friendly water recycling system gathers household sewage and wastewater via a sewage pipeline system for processing, while gathered rainwater undergoes filtration and storage, later reused in the rainwater pump rooms across each plot to water the vertical greenery.

Furthermore, any surplus rainwater is systematically collected and stored in the water recycling system for irrigating green plants during the dry seasons.

Balancing urban development with nature conservation lies at the core of Forest City’s mission, in which the project has diligently preserved the surrounding mangroves and natural habitats via meticulous planning, to ensure the harmonious coexistence of the city and environment.

With its “Water Cycle System and Sponge City Concept Application” project, Forest City has won the Asian Townscape Jury’s Award and as the project progresses, it remains committed to green practices and environmental protection. – Bernama


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